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  Why search Google and not get rewarded while doing so?  "Search And Win Sites" allow you to do just that!  When you search the net, you can get points redeemable for great prizes like Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash, and much more.  Sites like Swagbucks are becoming so popular, I decided to make a webpage that lists all of the "Search And Win Sites" out.  Below you will find Treasure Trooper, PrizeZombie, Swagbucks, GiftHulk, MemoLink, and Rewards1.  All of them are great for earning rewards.  I've also added my Top 10 GPT Sites, which are similar reward sites, along with some other reward site links.  I hope you find some sites here that end up earning you some cool stuff!

Top 10 GPT Sites

  This is the "Top 10 GPT Sites" section.  These 10 sites are the 10 best GPT sites you'll find.  The sites will change from time to time, so make sure to bookmark the site to see the new rankings.

Top 50 GPT Sites

Top 10 New GPT Sites
  Below are 10 of the newest GPT sites.  Below those sites is a small banner that will take you to ALL of the newest GPT sites.

ALL Of The Newest GPT Sites

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